happy birthday Lloyd

Today is Lloyd's 32nd birthday

even though he's covered in tattoos they're still hot

even though he's covered in tattoos they're still hot

Lloyd is so hot I cannot get over Lay It Down 6 1/2 years later I cannot believe how hot of a song this is I listen to it j about everyday 

Lloyd has a really good voice and he looked so hot with his long hair and even hotter when he shaved off all his hair 

Even though Lloyd had beef with Miguel back in 2011 it's ok because they're both hot and they both forgave each other when Miguel apologized bc that's the hot and responsible thing to do 

Lloyd had a new album come out at the end of 2016 and everybody kinda forgot about him except me because I am a true Lloyd fan and I know when hot guys deserve to be noticed for their talent

Tru is such a good song it's so real it's about Lloyd's personal life and in the video Lloyd got his long hair back and he looks stunning in it


I really hope 2018 is Lloyd's year and he's planning another new album or something he deserves it


happy birthday Lloyd Polite, Jr. you're hot


happy birthday Tank

Today's is Tank's 42nd birthday

Tank is hot

look at that gorgeous chiseled body on stage omg

look at that gorgeous chiseled body on stage omg

Even when Tank first came out when he was in his 20s he had a really deep strong voice and it's j gotten better over time it's one of those voices that you hear and you know exactly who it belongs to it's kinda like Toni Braxton's voice or Patti LaBelle's voice

Tank j came out with a new album called Savage and it's really good and When We is a really hot song this is hands down Tank's hottest song ever and the video is really hot


I feel bad for Tank bc his birthday is New Year's Day and not a lot of ppl remember those with birthdays on that date because it's also a holiday but still Tank deserves the recognition for his birthday he is a hard worker

happy birthday Tank you're really hot and so is your music