happy birthday Vanessa Williams

today is Vanessa Williams' 55th birthday

Vanessa is actually from right where I am from like 20 mins away and I know ppl that had her mom as a teacher in school and her daughter is in LION BABE

anyway Vanessa Williams is really talented.  Aside from being a singer, she's an actress, fashion designer, and Miss America of 1984.  She was the very first African American to be crowned Miss America.  

Vanessa Williams being crowned Miss America 1984.jpg


She's had 8 albums, but hasn't released one since 2009.  I really hope she makes another album one day because she has a really great voice

my favorite Vanessa Williams song is Dreamin' it's so good and it's a quiet storm song and I love quiet storm a lot 


happy birthday Vanessa Williams

Miguel kicks off War & Leisure tour

Miguel kicks off his War & Leisure tour today in Portland, OR with his brother Nonchalant Savant and SIR

Miguel's War & Leisure Tour dates.jpg

The tour ends April 12th in Berkley, CA.  Miguel didn't have an LA tour date but I feel like at the very last minute one will be announced and it will be very over the top

I am going to see Miguel on March 24th in Brooklyn and yes I will get VIP why wouldn't I do this


Miguel looking absolutely perfect in a hat and a Hawaiian shirt with a red outfit on top.jpg

I am pretty sure Miguel went for a spring tour as opposed to a summer tour because he is getting married this summer and he j wants to relax and spend time with Naz and travel everywhere with her as newlyweds


good luck Miguel I love u so much

Miguel please get ready for me March 24th you have about a month to prepare for me


happy birthday Sadé

Today is Sadé's birthday

She's great she never made a bad song

Sadé is also going on tour this year after an 8 year hiatus 


my favorite Sadé song is Sweetest Taboo

whenever I'm in a bad mood I feel a whole lot better when I hear this song and the video is really good it starts out w Sadé looking out the penthouse studio's door window when it's thunderstorming at dusk and her band starts playing the song as she's still looking out the window

then she starts singing the song and eventually leads to her dancing with her band as they play the song

the video keeps cutting back to this guy which I assume is her ex in the desert or some middle eastern underdeveloped country and he's with a new girl


Sadé is wearing some high wasted acid wash blue jeans in the video and let me tell you she can pull it off so good and I bet today in 2018 she can still pull it off with those exact same jeans


Sadé has the best quiet storm songs and I am so glad she went that route with music and not something boring like rock

happy birthday Sadé

Sadé looking great with leather gloves on.jpg