happy birthday George Michael


Today would've been George Michael's 55th birthday

idc George Michael was hot and he made great music with Wham! and his solo career 

George Michael gave us the saxophone verse in Careless Whisper

can you imagine how different the world would be without the saxophone part in Careless Whisper

what would I get stuck in my head at 3AM

George Michael looking gorgeous shirtless with his crucifix earring in.jpg


anyway George Michael was gorgeous I like how he only had one side of his face photographed because that's literally me that's my aesthetic giving people no other option to capture my existence 

happy birthday George Michael I hope you're having a great time in Heaven 

Miguel announces The Ascension Tour

This afternoon at 1:00PM EST, Miguel announced The Ascension Tour, a second leg to promote his latest album,  War & Leisure.  His brother, Nonchalant Savant, and DVSN will be touring with him

This tour runs from August 23rd to September 28th.  The last 10 dates are on the west coast.

Miguel's Ascension Tour flyer ad.jpg
Miguel's Ascension Tour flyer ad with tour dates.jpg


obv I am going I already know which show I am going to attend

I am not going to Brooklyn's show because I am not going to an overly packed Afropunk festival to see Miguel even though I will do anything for Miguel I have an alternative date to see him which is going to be August 24th

Miguel get ready I'm coming

this will be the 5th time I see Miguel in 22 months

Miguel releases track for Future's "Superfly" film


This time, it's for Future's film, 'Superfly"

once again Miguel does it with another hot song for another film 

I have no idea what this film is about that Future directed but it's probably a good movie if Miguel was asked to make a song for it

Miguel got a lot of recognition for the song for Coco, which led him to winning an Oscar

keep up the good work Miguel you're perfect