Miguel announces a Spanish version of 'War & Leisure'

Earlier this week, Miguel announced he is releasing a Spanish version of his newest album, War & Leisure.

Miguel and his gorgeous smile on a red backdrop.jpg


This is amazing this is exactly what I've been looking for this is gonna be like Muzzy except it's hot and Miguel and not a giant green monster bear thing doing weird shit in space and with royals but instead it's Miguel's new album that's really hot in Spanish and you'll hear every sexual whisper in Spanish and every breath into the microphone as he rolls his tongue speaking Spanish

I do not know any other language other than English and I never studied another language and I'm going to treat this as an audible aid to help me to learn Spanish via Miguel

back in March right before I saw Miguel he released Sky Walker in Spanish and it was really hot and tbh I was never into Sky Walker up until I heard it in Spanish and then it was stuck in my head for like 2 days and now I really like the song and I think my liking for Sky Walker was triggered by the Spanish version

Miguel this is hot

Miguel this is a great idea

not many artists actually go along with the idea of making an album in another language but Miguel is v smart to do this and you know everybody is going to buy this album bc it's gonna sound so hot


Thank you Miguel I cannot wait


Tank's "When We" remix featuring Trey Songz & Ty Dolla $ign

back in November, Tank released "When We" which is an extremely hot song and I cannot believe it didn't get more attn because I feel like lighting a candle and scatter rose petals everywhere every time I hear it

I have not heard any R&B song as hot as this one until last fall when I heard it for the first time

(**Miguel is his own genre of music and is excluded from any contest bc by default Miguel is always hot**)


but now

the remix is here

the song couldn't possibly get any hotter without Trey Songz so lo and behold Trigga is on this song and so is Ty Dolla $ign and the song is changed completely but omg no this is hot but not as hot as the original song w j Tank in it but Trigga brings a special something to it

The original video is hotter than the remix


the remix shows them as mechanics

Tank you are great I am SO GLAD you didn't quit music after your lil rant a few years ago you literally saved R&B and populated the world with When We so thank you v much for doing this


Miguel covering Daniel Caesar's "Get You"

Miguel's version of Daniel Caesar's "Get You" is loose on the Internet


omg this song was already hot to begin with and now Miguel j put the cherry on top this is so hot and the atmosphere for the song was already hot af and sexy but now Miguel j cranked up the humidity of this song and everything is now sopping wet

this song reminds me of a combination of Maxwell and Sweetback and the original video for the song looks j like a Sweetback video

Miguel's version has a different feel and it's so different than Daniel Caesar's original version with Kali Uchis but omg no these are still v hot but Miguel's version is a different version of hot it's v suspenseful and I'm beginning to sweat as I listen to this song while I'm typing this

someone get me a fan this is a really hot song and Miguel's soft voice and noises he makes is making it really hard to focus on anything other than the sexual nature of this song


Miguel you did it again