happy birthday August Alsina

today is August Alsina's 26th birthday

August Alsina looking gorgeous in a car selfie.jpg

August Alsina is gorgeous


August has been quiet lately but a year ago he came out with a new song called Drugs

August Alsina is gorgeous I hope he keeps up w releasing music in a timely manner bc he has a lot of talent and his life has been a handful but it's good for writing material

2 months ago, August Alsina revealed he had a Percocet addiction when he fell off the stage in 2014

it seems that August stayed low to help himself recover with his addiction and now as he enters recovery, he'll most likely return to making music

this new album is going to be great 

August Alsina's music is already so real

have u heard Song Cry



Anyway I hope August Alsina gets the help he needs so he can live a great life


happy birthday August Alsina


Aretha Franklin has died

This morning, Aretha Franklin has passed away at the age of 76

Aretha Franklin dressed up with a feathery black and white boa at the VH1 Divas.jpg

Aretha Franklin lived a hard life she had her first child at 12 years old and had her second child a few years later at age 14

She really never had a bad song and winning all those awards including the Presidential Medal Of Freedom back in 2005 shows it

unfortunately she dealt with pancreatic cancer for several years and is now no longer here with us

one of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs is A Rose Is Still A Rose

RIP Aretha Franklin I hope you are up there having fun with Prince and Michael Jackson

Miguel releases new single, "Python"

Miguel j released a new single called "Python"


this is really hot

does Miguel even make any music that isn't suitable for the bedroom 

I feel like I'm in a cave and there's a red light illuminating in the cave and it's all moist and humid in the cave and I'm walking closer to the end of the cave to see Miguel but suddenly I'm out of the cave when the song ends


I am not surprised bc Miguel is so unpredictable which is really hot bc you never know what kind of music he's gonna have next which is a good thing bc that means he's not BORING unlike some other artists


Miguel will be performing this song on his upcoming Ascension Tour beginning August 23rd 

keep it coming Miguel