This past weekend, Miguel and Nazanin Mandi finally got married

Miguel and Nazanin happily smiling at their wedding.jpg

They got engaged at the end of 2015 and the wedding was postponed in 2017 due to scheduling conflicts but that’s ok bc they wanted to make this wedding perfect and it was v perfect

They got married on November 24th 2018 at this rly nice place called Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California and they had an In-N-Out truck at the wedding which is nice bc when people are wasted they go out and get In-N-Out and ppl definitely got wasted at the wedding and Miguel knew he wanted to satisfy his wedding guests’ cravings

Miguel looks perfect as always and Nazanin looks stunning in her extremely custom made dress

Miguel and Naz on their wedding day right after the ceremony.jpg

Here is them at their wedding having In-N-Out

Nazanin and Miguel having In-N-Out at their wedding.jpg

congratulations Miguel you are perfect and Naz deserves you and I was really wondering if the cats were gonna attend the wedding but I see that it was best that they didn’t show up but nonetheless both of you are perfect



on Wednesday, October 23rd 1985 Miguel Jontel Pimentel was born

Miguel looking gorgeous whilst holding his cat Munch in his home.jpg

Once again another year has passed by and Miguel was very successful

  • he got rid of his beloved 2013 BMW X6 and got an i8

  • he went on TWO of his own tours because he loves to tour and wishes he could do it nonstop

  • he is getting married at the end of November

  • he is releasing a full Spanish version of his album War & Leisure in December

  • he won a ton of awards

  • he got the red iPhone

  • he has 18 submissions for the GRAMMY awards

  • he met me twice this year and saw me sitting front row at the New Yorker Festival and yes this is a success for Miguel

Miguel you are 33 years old and you will become so successful as you age and I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us at age 33 and every age after that I am so proud of you I am so glad to have discovered you in 2010 because I would not be the same person I am today if I never found your music



happy birthday August Alsina

today is August Alsina's 26th birthday

August Alsina looking gorgeous in a car selfie.jpg

August Alsina is gorgeous


August has been quiet lately but a year ago he came out with a new song called Drugs

August Alsina is gorgeous I hope he keeps up w releasing music in a timely manner bc he has a lot of talent and his life has been a handful but it's good for writing material

2 months ago, August Alsina revealed he had a Percocet addiction when he fell off the stage in 2014

it seems that August stayed low to help himself recover with his addiction and now as he enters recovery, he'll most likely return to making music

this new album is going to be great 

August Alsina's music is already so real

have u heard Song Cry



Anyway I hope August Alsina gets the help he needs so he can live a great life


happy birthday August Alsina