Miguel's DUI Arrest

In the early hours of Thursday, August 15th, 2013, Miguel was arrested for DUI.  I went to work at 4:30am and I was out all day until 7:30pm and I had to receive about 40 tweets regarding Miguel's DUI and my opinion on this.  I did not reply to any of the tweets I had regarding this situation, mainly because I didn't want to repeat myself and I was very tired.

this is how I feel

Miguel omg you're so fucking hot it's ok nothing is going to happen to you you're perfect it's ok I know many people that have gotten busted for this but you're perfect you won't get in trouble aside from being too sexy bc you're hot and only the meth addicts and people in florida get thrown into jail

Miguel drove his ass home because wherever he was he was not going to let anyone drive his BMW X6 home which I completely understand with because the car will become tainted with sin from anyone else driving it so yea he wasn't going to leave his car there so it can get broken into because it's his car and everybody wants to smell his hot sexy scent upon the leather seats

Miguel was speeding ok big fucking deal everybody speeds it's normal get the fuck over it he knows how to drive if he has a license he's not going to get into an accident drunk driving and if he does then he's safe he's not driving a 1994 Honda Civic DX he's driving a 2013 BMW X6 it has like 69 airbags in it even his hair will get hit with the airbag and be safe

clearly how many drinks Miguel had that night was like 10 because he was probably hitting on some really ugly girl and needed to see 69 to alter his vision in order to take her home and fuck her and he was going to do so after he was driving home drunk in his BMW X6


keep on trucking Miguel you're perfect  

miguel being perfect.png