happy 112 day!!!

today is January 12th which can only mean one thing.............

it's 112 day!!!!!!!



I love 112 I love Slim and Mike and Q and Daron

they are all hot

they are all beautiful

they all have sexy voices




i hate ill be missing you because Faith Evans ruins the song just like how she ruined Chris Wallace's life by killing him

yes she killed him

ill get on to that later




Room 112 isn't a good album but it has a cool name because that's the origin of the group name so ok i like it bc of the name

Part III is my favorite album cuz the 3 best songs are on that album which are Peaches & Cream, Dance With Me, and It's Over Now

Peaches & Cream is the best video because it has the Dance With Me interlude but I also like the Dance With Me video with Beanie Sigel



112 is also a very cool group name because it's pronounced one twelve and everybody remembers 112 and i used to use it for online usernames until my nosy aunt found my instagram and i had to change it like 3 times until i settled on the best instagram name ever


happy 112 day i can't wait until next year