Miguel releases 3 new songs on his Art Dealer Chic WILD EP

on December 16th 2014, Miguel posted 21 black images on Instagram and everyone was confused and thought it was for the Eric Garner verdict or just spam

I knew it wasn't for any of those

on December 19th Miguel released THREE new songs: N.W.A. (feat. Kurupt), Hollywooddreams, Coffee

Miguel art dealer chic WILD EP.jpg

they are so good

they are hot

Miguel is hot

Miguel made Christmas come early for me

this was more exciting than Beyoncé's unexpected album release and D'Angelo's unexpected album release

this is better than getting a positive pregnancy test or the doctor giving you a clean slate of health

Miguel is so smart

this made Miguel look hotter than he already is which is very hard to believe it can happen but it did

Miguel looking SO HOT in an indoor stairwell.jpg


Hollywooddreams is my favorite one


 I heard like 10 seconds of Coffee when Miguel posted a teaser for the song on October 9th but it just isn't my favorite from the release because it doesn't sound like it's completed yet

N.W.A. is good

each song is really hot just like every other song he has released in the past

that's how you know if it's one of Miguel's songs


if the song is hot then it's Miguel's

Miguel looking gorgeous on an outdoor staircase.jpg

Miguel I hope you see this because I just want to tell you good job on sounding extremely hot and this is the 5th new song from you (Can't Sleep Together, Simplethings, NWA, Hollywooddreams, Coffee) and each and every one of them are really hot in their own ways it's like having quintuplets but they are so different from each other ok so anyway good job on being hot and releasing good music you are perfect I wish you were my teacher in school I would attend every class but I would most likely fail the class because I wouldn't be able to focus on anything but how hot you are and never learn a thing but that would mean I would stay after school with you to catch up and eventually go to your house and omg I can't continue this is like a fantasy for me

Miguel looking SO hot with no shirt on and a microphone and a purple gradient.jpg

I love you Miguel