happy birthday Tamia

today is Tamia's 40th birthday


Tamia is so underrated

Tamia is from Canada and I can't think of any other female singer from Canada so it's best to say she's the best female singer from Canada

Tamia looking beautiful.jpg

Tamia's first album, self-titled,  came out in 1998 and "You Put A Move On My Heart" with Quincy Jones was her first single

Most people know her from "There's A Stranger In My House," "Can't Get Enough," and Fabolous' remix of "So Into You," which was originally Tamia's song from her first album

In 2003, Tamia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis but she has it under control with medicine and excerise

After she had her 2nd kid in 2007, she put off music to focus on her family with NBA star, Grant Hill.  In 2012 she returned to the scene with Beautiful Surprise.  "Beautiful Surprise" was the album's single and it is one of her best songs she's ever had

Tamia and Grant Hill in the Beautiful Surprise video.jpg

in 2015, her new album LoveLife will be released with the lead single "Sandwich & A Soda."  The song has a different feel than any of her other songs, but it's still good

happy birthday Tamia plz don't stop making music your voice is amazing