Ro James

Ro James is a new artist and he's going to make a huge impact in music beginning with his new single, "Permission"

Ro James looking extremely hot in a felt hat and sunglasses.jpg


I don't know where to begin but this song is so hot and the video is filmed in greyscale so that's when you know it's hot 

"Permission" samples "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" by Willie Hutch from 1973 except it's sped up but this is just part of why the song is so hot

halfway through the song Ro James says "can you feel it, can you feel it, give it to me like you won't let a nigga forget it" and just that line alone is so hot omg the first time I heard that song it hit me like it j hit me that this dude is really good and I kept listening to the song but seriously that verse is so hot

obviously this song is about sex but that's ok so is every song in popularity today but it's made in a unique way so it doesn't sound like the same kind of sex song everyone else has out

and what doesn't surprise me is that Ro James is friends with Miguel and has been since the beginning of Miguel's fame dating all the way back to the MySpace ages which is a huge plus factor so of course I'm gonna like this guy


Ro James' debut album El Dorado releases sometime in 2016

Ro James looking really hot during an interview.jpg