"Work" by Rihanna

Rihanna's video for "Work" has been released


the video looks like it takes place in some wannabe Jamaican dance club and Rihanna is getting out of the car in a pink fur and Drake is also getting out of his car and they both walk into the dance club

Rihanna takes off her pink fur and she's wearing some Rastafarian-colored fishnet onesie dress thing and starts dancing to her own song

idk what Director X had in mind for this video because it's just shots of various people twerking and at one point it looks like Rihanna is taking a shit

Rihanna looking like she's trying to squat and take a shit in the Work video.jpg


this is where I stop and say what the fuck is she saying

I cannot understand a word coming out of Rihanna's mouth aside from "work"

I know this is probably her goal but c'mon Rihanna you're not supposed to slur your words because this isn't the first song of hers that I haven't been able to understand

Rihanna has continued music after having a stroke

Rihanna wants to revive Sean Paul's career on the Top 40 charts by singing just like him

Anyway, everybody in the dance club is sweating and it's so gross and then suddenly Rihanna's verse gets kinda "serious" but I still can't understand what she's saying and then the hook plays again and this time it doesn't even sound like she's saying "work" completely just "waw" like a child

then Drake comes in and fixes the song

Drake comes into the shot in the video wearing an OVO varsity warm up sweatsuit to rep his brand of course and he looks kinda hot in it I'm not gonna lie BUT

Drake in his OVO varsity sweatsuit in the Work video by Rihanna.jpg

I can't really pay attention to Drake's verse but I do know he says "if you had a twin I'd still choose you" in his sweet angelic voice and when I hear that line that's when I know the song is almost over

Rihanna what are you doing

Drake and Rihanna in the Work video.jpg