Miguel releases new song, "Pineapple Skies"

Once again today at midnight Miguel releases another track from his upcoming album War & Leisure, which releases in 2 weeks on December 1st

again this is nothing surprising coming from Miguel bc it's another great song by Miguel and we all know Miguel is perfect but this song is really good I can't really describe it because this song is so full it's hard to all take in at once but it is not a disappointment it's Miguel it's a 4 1/2 minute long song that is so different and unique just like Miguel is

I really hope Pineapple Skies is the last song Miguel shares with us before his album is released because I don't want to keep getting it spoiled for me because I want to listen to every song on the album all at once but of course since I preordered it on iTunes I had the song automatically download and appear in my library at midnight last night so of course I had to listen to it duh it's a Miguel song I listen to Miguel literally every single day since 2010 no joke I have not skipped a day in 7 years


hats off to Miguel for giving us another song of his that is really good and hot and Miguel is hot and is really good at making music and his voice is hot and I am so excited for his new album to be in my possession in 14 days


Thank you Miguel you are a blessing