Miguel releases 4th album, War & Leisure

today is the day we've all been waiting for

Miguel releases War & Leisure

Miguel looking gorgeous on his sand covered War & Leisure album artwork.jpg
Miguel's tracklisting for War & Leisure I like the camo fabric a lot.jpg

Miguel I am so happy you have a new album I've been there supporting you before All I Want Is You was released I have watched you grow from 2010 to this current stage in your career and I will always be there

Monday night I saw Miguel at a special Spotify secret show in Brooklyn and I saw him front row obv and he played some new songs from his album

no complaints

I can't really review his new album because I will j be repeating myself since all the songs are so good I mean hello this is Miguel but I will say that his all Spanish song "Caramelo Duro" is really good I felt like I was at a party during the show which technically I was bc everything Miguel does is a party

at exactly midnight Miguel released a video for "Now"

it is so real

one thing I will mention is that Miguel's album is a political standpoint where the United States keeps fucking everything up so Miguel expresses his views on that and even though I don't really care for songs like that I want to say that I don't even notice it in Miguel's music bc he's perfect and I'm too busy focusing on how hot the rest of the song is


"Banana Clip" is a hot song there isn't much more to say about that except it's about a gun and I love guns I can't wait until I get a gun

I am really surprised "Shockandawe" isn't on the album but when I got it on iTunes back in September it had its own name as the album and then again Miguel has released songs in the past that never made it to an album like "Can't Sleep Together"

thank you Miguel for releasing another album and giving us more music

thank you Miguel for existing

thank you Miguel for always being better than everyone

thank you Miguel for being creative