happy birthday Lalah Hathaway

Today is Lalah Hathaway's birthday

Lalah Hathaway is the daughter of Donny Hathaway 

Lalah Hathaway looking really pretty with her purple hair.jpg

Lalah made her music debut in 1990 at the age of 21 with the release of her self-titled album and has soared from there with 8 albums total.  She recently released her 8th album Honestly and it's really good 

I really like her old material a lot and her current songs too so basically what I'm saying is I like her music um duh lol

She is part of the neo soul movement because she's had a lot of features with neo soul artists and I really appreciate that because she's helping them take off but she's also branching out and hitting all types of music and not only jazz and R&B

she has won 5 GRAMMY awards  which is really good for someone that stays out of the spotlight, but she's also one of the ambassadors for the "Circle of Promise" which educates the African-American community with breast cancer.   

in 2015 she covered one of her father's songs for the first time, "Little Ghetto Boy" and her version is so good and I'll be honest I prefer it over the original


a few years ago she tweeted to me and then she shared with me that she has rented a PT Cruiser in the past which is really nice that she shared that tidbit of information with me because as you can see she interacts with her fans

Lalah has one of those voices that will always be in style and in like 20 years you'll be hearing her songs in waiting rooms at doctors and dentist offices because her music is so calming


happy birthday Lalah Hathaway I will always be your fan