Beyoncé announces she's pregnant

Today is the start of Black History Month, and what's Black History Month without Beyoncé making it all about her?

Beyoncé announces she's pregnant again

with twins

Beyonce is pregnant with twins.jpg


Everyone in America is going crazy right now because of this news.  Beyoncé announcing she's pregnant would freeze the Internet, but with twins?  I'm sure servers are crashing

3 years ago I changed my trending topics on Twitter from the United States to India so I wouldn't see anything One Direction related anymore because I couldn't take it any longer.  I'm sure she's going to be the trending topic for every city in the United States for the rest of the week.

Beyoncé wants to be the next Michelle Obama and she wants everything to be about her so I'm sure her and Jay-Z took out a wad of cash from their piggy bank and paid for IVF so they could have a boy and a girl.  From the look of the picture it looks like she'll be due in June or late May.  June is Black Music Month so here we are again with Beyoncé taking over every month devoted to black culture.