Miguel covering Daniel Caesar's "Get You"

Miguel's version of Daniel Caesar's "Get You" is loose on the Internet


omg this song was already hot to begin with and now Miguel j put the cherry on top this is so hot and the atmosphere for the song was already hot af and sexy but now Miguel j cranked up the humidity of this song and everything is now sopping wet

this song reminds me of a combination of Maxwell and Sweetback and the original video for the song looks j like a Sweetback video

Miguel's version has a different feel and it's so different than Daniel Caesar's original version with Kali Uchis but omg no these are still v hot but Miguel's version is a different version of hot it's v suspenseful and I'm beginning to sweat as I listen to this song while I'm typing this

someone get me a fan this is a really hot song and Miguel's soft voice and noises he makes is making it really hard to focus on anything other than the sexual nature of this song


Miguel you did it again