'Undecided' by Chris Brown

2 days ago, Chris Brown dropped another new song, the first for 2019 and it’s called Undecided

Before any words were spoken in the song I immediately recognized he sampled ‘I Love Your Smile’ by Shanice and omg if you know me then you know how much I love that song

This video is Chris Brown’s own version of Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ video

Chris Brown trespasses onto the boardwalk of an amusement park after it’s closed because he’s ghost hunting or something similar and he sits on a bench with a glowing orb balloon attached to it and he moves the glowing balloon string and sees a portal floating with a beautiful girl’s face there (Serayah) and the balloon’s string gets loose and it floats away and suddenly he visits the extremely animated and busy boardwalk scene with the girl of interest aka Serayah sitting there next to him on the bench and they are having the time of their lives dancing and riding roller coasters and at the end of the video Serayah pushes him onto the bench and he gets sucked out of the portal and is alone on the dark bench again with the balloon reattached

Chris Brown in the Undecided video with Serayah.jpg

this song is really good and if Chris Brown doesn’t win any awards for the song and/or the video then the world is fucked up