Miguel releases Spanish EP, 'Te Lo Dije'

Miguel finally released more Spanish music, this time in the form of an EP. Last year, Miguel released a Spanish version of ‘Sky Walker‘ and ‘Banana Clip,’ to hold us over until his Spanish version of War & Leisure was released. Today, ‘Te Lo Dije’ was released.

Miguel's Spanish EP Te Lo Dije.png

The EP contains 5 songs:

Sky Walker

Banana Clip

Told You So


Caramelo Duro

attn Miguel I am so glad you are making moves with your Spanish album I am so proud of you and I cannot wait to see you live again soon and meet you crossing my fingers and I know you are working on another album at the same time and I really hope before 2019 is over I can meet you again bc this is important I cannot break my streak it must continue and your voice is really hot and good in Spanish and this EP is basically like a 2019 version of Muzzy bc I already know the lyrics to the songs on War & Leisure and this is teaching me how to speak Spanish so thank you Miguel you are reinventing the Rosetta Stone of music to help teach us a different language

Thank you MIGUEL