Hot Guys

Earl Thomas III

Earl Thomas is hot he is good at football and he is 2 days younger than Chris Brown who is also hot



  • he's hot
  • he's young he's only 25
  • he has the same astrological sign as Chris Brown (Taurus)
  • he is light skinned
  • he loves his mom
  • he is a good dad
  • he is good at football
  • he cut his dreadlocks and now he's even hotter
  • he's on the Seahawks which is the hottest team in the NFL




  • he has a girlfriend and a kid with that girl ugh fml there goes my chance
  • he looks like John Legend and John Legend is a feminist being controlled by his out of control monster wife Chrissy Teigen
Earl Thomas III looking hot on the field.jpg
Earl Thomas III being a good dad.jpg
Earl Thomas III loving his mom on the field.jpg