Hot Guys

2014 Hot Guy of the Year

The 2014 Hot Guy of the Year goes to...

Richard Sherman


Richard Sherman looking hot wearing a Seahawks hat and jacket.jpg

The 2014 Hot Guy of the Year award goes to Richard Sherman because he's really hot and he has a sense of humor and he is so sassy but still keeps it clean and friendly and loves to embarrass people by being really hot and good at football


Richard Sherman is a great public speaker look how good he looks in front of a podium he would be such a good hot president

Richard Sherman being hot at the podium.jpg
Richard Sherman and the hot cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin.jpg

Here we see a rare sense of humor in public speakers but according to this photograph, Richard Sherman does not lack it and neither does both Doug Baldwin Jr. and hot cardboard cutout Doug Baldwin Jr.


And how can you have a hot guy of the year without photographic evidence of said hot guy of the year in a bathing suit??

Richard Sherman's extremely hot beach body.jpg

Richard Sherman is ready to intercept on the field and at the public pool filled with drowning children


Richard Sherman looking hot as can be while being out of focus.jpg

This picture kills me omg he's so out of focus but he still looks hot as ever just look at his eyes and his lips he is a one of a kind hot guy


I am so grateful for discovering Richard Sherman and how hot and sassy he can be and I think he should become a politician because he's hot and there are no hot politicians except Obama but I feel that if Richard Sherman becomes involved in politics he can change the United States for the better.  He knows how hard and real life can be because he grew up in Compton and he grew up and developed into an extremely hot guy that has a great personality and great athletic ability. He already won a Super Bowl championship and graduated from Stanford so he is already off on a great start


thank you for being a hot guy