Hot Guys

Jon Ryan

Jon Ryan has been on the Seahawks for a while now so that locks him into place for being a hot guy



  • he's hot
  • he's on the Seahawks
  • he's been on the Seahawks since 2008 so he's a veteran hot guy
  • he's a punter/placeholder
  • he's young he's 33
  • he threw a touchdown pass which makes him the first punter to do so in any playoff game
  • he is also the first Canadian to do that since 1993
  • he's good at football
  • he embarrassed the Green Bay Packers



  • he has red hair
Jon Ryan passing the football to Garry Gilliam to complete the fake.jpg
Jon Ryan punting the ball.jpg
Jon Ryan throwing the ball to Garry Gilliam to complete a touchdown.jpg