Hot Guys

Nate "Rocket" Wonder

Nate "Rocket" Wonder is hot






  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • he looks like Richard Sherman with a falsetto voice
  • he has a hot body
  • he knows how to play guitar
  • he's a producer
  • he's in Deep Cotton
  • he has gorgeous eyes
  • he's Roman GianArthur's older brother
  • his voice is hot
  • he's skinny 




  • he's part of the Wondaland Illuminati
  • he looks like the guy from Milli Vanilli and they were fake which can only mean one thing...... he's fake
a close up on Nate "Rocket" Wonder and his hot illuminati hair.jpg
Nate "Rocket" Wonder looking hot as he stands in front of a white painted brick wall.jpg
Nate "Rocket" Wonder looking hot in a chair.jpg