Hot Guys


Miguel is the #1 hot guy in the world and today is his birthday so he is the hot guy of the day once again because he deserves it





  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • today is his 30th birthday
  • he smells good IRL
  • his smile is perfect I can't explain it but it's just perfect and out of control
  • he has really nice hair
  • his mind is broad and he's extremely creative 
  • he sees things in a different way which is hot 
  • he's the nicest man in the world
  • his abs are PERFECT I touched them
  • he has the perfect body
  • his tattoos are really hot 
  • he has THE BEST personality 
  • he doesn't have a bad bone in his body 
  • his eyes are amazing they are beautiful I have never seen eyes like his before omg
  • his voice is so soft and gentle
  • he cares about me
  • he can sing the worst song ever made and make it sound good and hot
  • he loves to help others
  • his 3rd album Wildheart was released late June and it's so good
  • I haven't stopped listening to any of his 3 albums since they were released
  • he loves to stand out in a crowd and he does not like to fit in which is the way to go in your life
  • he is eye level with me which is amazing bc I do not like looking up at people when talking because it's uncomfortable physically
  • he gives really good hugs
  • he retweeted me twice this week 
  • he wished me happy birthday
  • he's left handed which is hot and rare and being left handed means you're creative and artistic which he is
  • he doesn't run out of ideas for music
  • his house is really nice he has good taste in interior decorating
  • he isn't a quitter he never gave up on anything in his life
  • he has the same BMW line as I have
  • he made me realise that I don't need to listen to anyone else's say in my life aside from my own
  • he's a really good and hot inspirational speaker and he should go on tour speaking to crowds
  • he's perfect and gorgeous





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Miguel looking at himself in the mirror looking perfect as he usually does because he is perfect and hot.jpg
Miguel in a two-sized-square flannel print button up with pockets looking really hot with his eyes closed.jpg
Miguel and his gorgeous body during a workout.jpg