Hot Guys

Jon B.

Jon B. is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • today is his 41st birthday
  • he was born on 11-11 so he's special bc he's hot and has a cool birthdate
  • his voice is so silky and soft it's hot omg
  • his eyes are gorgeous
  • he's one of the hottest white guys in the music industry
  • he doesn't age
  • he's friends with Babyface
  • he looks gorgeous with his chin strap
  • They Don't Know is a hot song
  • actually all of his songs are hot
  • his name is Jonathan and I really like that name a lot
  • he's a hot dad
  • he's perfect





  • he's very underrated
  • he's married ugh fml


Jon B. looking gorgeous omfg look how hot he is.jpg
Jon B. looking so hot in a suit and tie omfg I'm done.jpg
Jon B. looking so hot in the They Don't Know video.jpg