Hot Guys

Joe Budden

 Joe Budden is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 35
  • his birthday is the day before mine
  • he's from NY like me
  • Pump It Up is a good song
  • he released 3 albums in 2009
  • he's released 8 albums total
  • he's a hot dad
  • he has a hot jaw line and a nice beard even though I hate beards
  • he has beautiful eyes
  • his voice is hot
  • he was nominated for a GRAMMY for his first song
  • he got in trouble for stealing his girlfriend's cell phone but he turned himself in which makes him really hot and responsible
  • he's on Love & Hip-Hop




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Joe Budden looking gorgeous af in black and gold clothing as he sits in a chair looking hot.jpg
Joe Budden looking hot in a mustard yellow sweatshirt with a hood as he smokes on a cigarette that needs to be ashed asap.jpg
Joe Budden looking gorgeous in a side profile pic.jpg