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Brian Littrell

Brian Littrell is really hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 40
  • he was a teen heartthrob
  • he has a really hot and soft voice
  • he sang the most in the Backstreet Boys
  • he's a hot dad
  • he turns 41 in exactly 3 months
  • he's had the same hair since he joined the band and he's the only member of the Backstreet Boys to do this
  • he's Kevin Richardson's cousin
  • he's 5'8" which is a good height for me to talk to someone with
  • he can take anything he had heart surgeries
  • he has nice eyes and I HATE blue eyes





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Brian Littrell as a hot teen.jpg
Brian Littrell as a hot adult with a soul patch.jpg
Brian Littrell as a hot teen looking hot as he smiles.jpg