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Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris is so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 26
  • he made a lot of money from "A Bay Bay"
  • he launched his own record company 51/50 Entertainment
  • he called himself Hurricane bcecause he raps really fast
  • he is going to release a new album soon
  • he released 2 albums and the last one was released in 2009
  • his new song "Sections" features Ty Dolla Sign
  • he has clear plastic pony beads in his hair like Tevin Campbell used to have
  • he kinda looks like Bow Wow
  • he has nice teeth




  • he p much has one song


Hurricane Chris looking hot with his huge eyes.jpg
Hurricane Chris sitting in a room with sliding glass doors.jpg
Hurricane Chris looking hot with sunglasses on.jpg