Hot Guys


KRS-One is really hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 50
  • he's from NY just like me
  • he's huge he's 6'4" so nobody will mess with him
  • he was in Boogie Down Productions
  • he's v inspirational
  • after Scott La Rock was shot dead he created Stop The Violence Movement which is still v inspirational today
  • he has a v cute smile
  • he has a cool stage name
  • his stage name means Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
  • he kinda looks like Marshawn Lynch





  • his nose is way too big


KRS-One looking hot with a hat on.jpg
KRS-One looking hot with a hat on and his fingers up in the air.jpg
KRS-One looking hot with no hair when he was younger.jpg