Hot Guys

Kirko Bangz

Kirko Bangz is so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 26
  • he's gorgeous
  • his eyes are beautiful
  • his name is Kirk and that's a hot name
  • his stage name is a play on words with Kurt Cobain
  • Drank In My Cup is a good song
  • he signed with 300 Entertainment
  • he dresses really good
  • his debut album was released in 2015
  • he has a beautiful smile
  • he's very compact like me
  • he's friends with YG





  • Nirvana sucks



Kirko Bangz looking hot in a greyscale selfie with sunglasses on.jpg
Kirko Bangz looking so hot with the flash on in the pic.jpg
Kirko Bangz wearing plaid and looking hot.jpg