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Island Boy Paebak

Island Boy Paebak is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • he's from the Virgin Islands which means he's exotic and hot
  • he opened for Wu-Tang Clan at SXSW
  • his first single came out in 2009
  • Forever A King is a really good song and the video is really really good
  • his real name is Roland Jarvis and it's a hot name
  • his hair is really thick and long and it's beautiful it's not a gross nappy mess
  • his eyes are hot
  • his smile is beautiful OMG
  • he kinda looks like Richard Sherman and he's perfect and hot





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Island Boy Paebak and a massive ocean fresh lobster.jpg
Island Boy Paebak under a tent with the microphone up to his mouth but he's smiling and he looks so hot in this pic.jpg
Island Boy Paebak on stage looking hot with sunglasses on.jpg