Hot Guys


Outasight is hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 32
  • he's from the same area in NY as me
  • he has a cool stage name
  • he's also a record producer
  • he has 2 albums and the last one was released in 2015
  • one of his songs was on a Pepsi commercial 
  • he has a hot and unique voice
  • he was featured in XXL Magazine
  • he looks so hot in sunglasses
  • he has REALLY good hair 




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Outasight looking really hot in sunglasses as he shows off how good his hair is.jpg
Outasight sitting on the floor in an apartment building's hallway with his sunglasses to his mouth.jpg
Outasight looking gorgeous with his eyes showing omg he's so hot.jpg