Hot Guys

Li'l Snupe

Li'l Snupe is v hot




  • he's hot
  • he was v young he would be 20
  • he was signed to Meek Mill's record label within the first few months it was established
  • he was 17, technically still a child, when he was signed
  • he had a beautiful smile
  • he was really skinny and had a hot body
  • he dressed really well
  • his real name is Addarren and that's a really cool and hot name
  • his career was about to take off but something bad happened and he is very young to have a career successfully take off 
  • he's 5'8" which is a little taller than me but still eye level




  • he was shot dead in his apartment building over an argument over betting on video games
  • he died 7 days after his 18th birthday RIP
Li'l Snupe and his gorgeous smile.jpg
Li'l Snupe looking hot outside.jpg
Li'l Snupe looking hot shirtless in camo pants and Timberland boots.jpg