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Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 37
  • he's extremely smart
  • he graduated from Harvard when was 19 years old and he scored a perfect score on his SATs
  • he created NextSelection Lifestyle Group
  • he got Cassie's career started
  • he has a really hot voice
  • he has released 5 albums
  • he has a lifetime album out which means there are 12 songs released and 1 song per month is released up until he retires from music and this is through a monthly subscription plan
  • You're Not My Girl is a hot song
  • he has hot eyes
  • his name is Anthony Ryan Leslie which is 3 names
  • he kinda looks like Drake





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Ryan Leslie looking really hot as he bites his thumb.jpg
Ryan Leslie looking hot in a greyscale pic.jpg
Ryan Leslie sitting down in a chair by a window looking really hot omfg.jpg