Hot Guys

Bobby V.

today is Bobby V.'s birthday



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • today is his 35th birthday
  • he has a hot body
  • Beep is such a good song
  • Words is a hot song too
  • his eyes are gorgeous
  • he's 5'3" he's eye level with me so he's hotter
  • his voice is so hot
  • he has a great hairline
  • he was supposed to be born on Valentine's day but he was 2 weeks late



  • some asshole from the UK sued him for using the name Bobby Valentino so he can't have that name anymore but he will always be Bobby Valentino to me
Bobby V looking hot.jpg
Bobby V looking hot in pink.jpg
Bobby V looking hot in a black shirt omg he's gorgeous.jpg