Hot Guys

LL Cool J

LL Cool J is so hot I am so glad he is still active in the music industry



  • his abs
  • he's in his 40s but he still has it going on
  • his lips omg please lick them for me
  • he's hot
  • his voice omg I'm done
  • his eyes are beautiful
  • he's black
  • his eyelashes are so long
  • he definitely has a huge dick I can tell in the I'm Bad video because he's wearing sweatpants
  • his name is really hot James Todd Smith
  • I can't



  • N/A
LL Cool J looking extremely hot in 1985.jpg
LL Cool J looking gorgeous with no shirt on.jpg
LL Cool J looking AMAZING with a bucket hat and no shirt on omg I can't breathe.jpg