Hot Guys

John Legend

John Legend is really hot



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 35
  • he has a great hairline
  • his eyes are really hot and slanted
  • his voice is hot
  • Get Lifted is a hot album
  • he looks like Martin Luther King Jr. and he was hot
  • Save Room is really hot



  • he married Chrissy Teigen the monster
  • he's beating a dead horse by writing about how beautiful everyone is um we don't care we've heard it before
  • All Of Me sucks
  • he plays the piano
  • he ruined his life by getting married
a hot side profile view of John Legend before he ruined his life by getting married to the evil Chrissy Teigen.jpg
John Legend when he was hot before he got married.jpg
John Legend looking hot and happy before he got married.jpg