Hot Guys

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is hot he's gorgeous



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he looks really hot when he squints his eyes
  • he was a big part of New Edition
  • he made songs for Ghostbusters
  • he's young he's 46
  • he is the reason for New Edition's success
  • the gap in between his teeth is really hot
  • he has the same last name as the hot Chris Brown
  • he named 2 of his kids after himself
  • Roni is an extremely hot song



  • people don't like him because of his thing with Whitney Houston but w/e get over it it's done
  • he's from Boston
Bobby Brown looking hot in a green turtleneck.jpg
Bobby Brown looking gorgeous while being covered in sweat.jpg
teen Bobby Brown looking hot omg.jpg