Hot Guys

Bow Wow

Li'l Bow Wow is hot too



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 28
  • he has the same birthday as YG
  • his eyebrow is on fleek
  • he's a child star
  • he was in the bad movie Like Mike
  • he has hazel eyes which is hot and #rare for black guys
  • he got his name from Snoop Dogg
  • his real name is Shad Moss
  • he changed his name from Li'l Bow Wow to just Bow Wow and now he wants to be known as Shad Moss
  • he will always be Li'l Bow Wow to me
  • he has a daughter named Shai
  • Shortie Like Mine is a hot song bc Chris Brown is in it
  • I have a Li'l Bow Wow/Chris Brown/Soulja Boy/Li'l Mama shirt



  • he has a baby mama ugh fml


Li'l Bow Wow looking hot on the red carpet at a premiere.jpg
Li'l Bow Wow chucking up the deuces.jpg
Li'l Bow Wow looking really fucking hot.jpg