Hot Guys

Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight is hot af



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 45
  • all his songs are really hot
  • his voice is so soft
  • he plays 8 instruments
  • his smile is really hot
  • Anytime is a really hot video
  • Sweeter is a hot song
  • he was nominated for 16 GRAMMY awards
  • he was born in New York just like me




  • a lot of people think he only has like 3 songs but he doesn't
  • I always confuse him with Jordan Knight idk why
  • he's married ugh fml
  • he should've been born 4 days late bc then his birthday would've been 6969 lol


Brian McKnight looking really hot in a tuxedo.jpg
Brian McKnight wearing casual wear.jpg
Brian McKnight and his hot smile.jpg