Hot Guys

Donell Jones

Donell Jones is gorgeous




  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 41 years old
  • his voice is really smooth and hot
  • he has big brown eyes that are gorgeous
  • he's bald but he can pull it off
  • Where I Wanna Be is my favorite album and it's his best album
  • U Know What's Up is a really good song. RIP Left Eye
  • Where I Wanna Be is a really hot song
  • all his songs are really hot
  • his last album came out in 2013




  • he doesn't get enough attention in the music industry and it's a shame because he's really good
Donell Jones wearing velvet.jpg
Donell Jones wearing a heathered fedora.jpg
Donell Jones holding a Red Bull.jpg