Hot Guys


Tyga is really hot omg I need to explain my feelings for him rn



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's only 25
  • he's Chris Brown's best friend
  • he has hot tattoos
  • his name is an abbreviation for 'thank you god always'
  • his smile is fucking perfect
  • his voice is really hot
  • he looks like he has a big dick
  • he and Chris Brown just released their 2nd album together
  • he has good hair
  • his eyes are beautiful and brown
  • his skin tone is gorgeous
  • he's really skinny and that's hot



  • he has a teen gf
Tyga looking gorgeous in flannel and a gold hat.jpg
Tyga's gorgeous face omg I'm done his temples tattoos are hot.jpg
Tyga and his gorgeous smile.jpg