Hot Guys

Mike Shorey

Mike Shorey is really hot I'm glad he and Fabolous are friends




  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young
  • Baby is a hot song
  • So Fly is a hot song too
  • so is Can't Let You Go
  • he kinda looks like Bruce Irvin from the Seahawks who is also hot
  • he has a neck tattoo
  • his voice is really smooth and hot
  • his eyes are almond shaped and they're hot
  • he's bffs with Fabolous
  • he wears Air Force Ones
  • he's from Brooklyn
  • he has a new song out called Hate How I Like It and it's really hot




  • not a lot of ppl know who he is
Mike Shorey looking hot wearing a navy blue t-shirt.jpg
Mike Shorey in the studio looking hot.jpg
Mike Shorey sitting on the floor wearing Air Force Ones.jpg