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Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq is really hot today is his birthday




  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • today is his birthday he is 49
  • he was in Tony Toni Toné with his brother Dwayne Wiggins
  • he changed his name to Raphael Saadiq in the 90s
  • he co-wrote D'Angelo's 'Untitled' which is a really hot song as you all know
  • his 2011 album, Stone Rollin' is such an overall good album there is not one bad song on it
  • Movin' Down The Line is a good song
  • Get Involved featuring Q-Tip is a good song too
  • he looks timeless he looks like he doesn't age
  • his voice is hot
  • his smile is so hot
  • he picks the best glasses
  • he's really skinny and gorgeous you know he has a good metabolism




  • I'm waiting for a new album here


Raphael Saadiq looking hot on the stage.jpg
Raphael Saadiq smiling and looking gorgeous as ever.jpg
Raphael Saadiq looking hot and smiling.jpg