Hot Guys


Joe is hot





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 41
  • his full name is 3 first names it's Joe Lewis Thomas
  • most of his songs are really hot
  • his eyes are shaped really nice and hot
  • his voice is very smooth it's like silk it's so hot
  • he looks really hot bald
  • he's really young for the career he's had bc all his albums have hits on it and they're really hot
  • his name is just Joe that's how ppl know him




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Joe looking hot and really thinking hard about something or maybe he has a headache or he's just stressed out.jpg
Joe looking like a really hot bad boy with a wife beater on and his leather jacket over his shoulder like a busta.jpg
Joe sitting on the pool table looking really hot and sexy.jpg