Hot Guys

Ron Isley

Today is Ron Isley and he's my oldest hot guy so far





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • today is his 74th birthday
  • he's still making music
  • Dinner and a Movie is a hot song
  • he's been making music for literally 60 years
  • he made Shout
  • a lot of his music videos are like movies they are so real and dramatic
  • his youngest son is 8 years old
  • he looks really good for his age no lie
  • his smile is so hot
  • his eyebrows are literally on fleek like you wouldn't believe





  • he was bad and went to jail for tax invasion but it's ok he's out now
Ron Isley looking happy and hot on stage enjoying himself.jpg
Ron Isley looking hot and incognito in Dinner And A Movie.jpg
Ron Isley looking hot and smiling in a room.jpg