Hot Guys

Glenn Lewis

Glenn Lewis is really hot omg




  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 40
  • he has the same birthday as Common and Robin Thicke
  • he's a neo soul artist
  • he loves Stevie Wonder
  • all of his songs are so calming
  • his eyes are beautiful
  • his hair is so good it looks really soft
  • his smile is beautiful too
  • Don't You Forget It is a hot song
  • in 2013 he released a new album entitled Moment Of Truth
  • Can't Say Love is a really good song it's probably my favorite one of his
  • he's working on another new album to be released in 2015




  • not a lot of people know who he is


Glenn Lewis looking hot with sunglasses on and his hair looks so soft and nice.jpg
Glenn Lewis' prize winning smile.jpg
Glenn Lewis looking really hot and serious in a fedora.jpg