Hot Guys

DJ Cassidy

DJ Cassidy is really hot




  • he's hot
  • he's white
  • he's young he's 34
  • he wears pink like Cam'ron
  • he looks hot in pink
  • he has the longest eyelashes ever and they're gorgeous I can feel the wind blowing from DJ Cassidy blinking
  • his eyes are brown and gorgeous
  • he wears suits and he looks hot
  • he has a beard and it's not gross it's hot
  • his name is Cassidy and I like that name a lot it's one of my favorites
  • he's a DJ but he sings on his songs too
  • he has a song with R. Kelly and it's hot
  • he loves color blocking
  • he's from New York just like me
  • his dad is Jonny Podell so he's always been famous




  • not a lot of people know about him but it's ok I was here first I knew about him before everyone else did
  • his album did not come out yet




DJ Cassidy wearing a hat and looking so fucking hot as he touches his chin.jpg
DJ Cassidy naked in bed eating Cookie Crisp omg.jpg
DJ Cassidy looking gorgeous without a hat on but he's wearing a red shirt and a leather jacket.jpg