Hot Guys

Chico DeBarge

Chico DeBarge is really hot




  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • today is his 49th birthday
  • No Guarantee is a hot song
  • so is Virgin
  • Talk To Me is a hot song too
  • he looked really hot when he was 19 years old
  • his eyes are really hot they look like Miguel's eyes
  • he's not bald but he shaves his head but he still looks hot and he can pull it off
  • he had the best hair when he was younger it looked so soft
  • his real name is Jonathan which is a hot name
  • he's the only one in his family that doesn't sing falsetto which is hot to be different
  • he was married to Marvin Gaye's daughter Nona Gaye and had 5 kids with her
  • Rhythm Of The Night is my favorite song




  • he hasn't released in album in 6 years and I hope he does bc he's hot
Chico DeBarge looking really hot when he was 19 years old with a ton of great hair.jpg
Chico DeBarge sitting on a couch looking really hot omg.jpg
Chico DeBarge looking hot during his Addiction album cover photo shoot in 2009.jpg