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Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson is extremely hot and gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 38
  • he was born in September just like me
  • he has the voice of an angel
  • The Moon is my favorite song of his
  • when he was 18 The Moon came out and his voice was so deep and strong it's mind boggling that a teen could have such a voice
  • he's a part of the neo soul movement
  • he has 10 albums but none of them include The Moon
  • Picture Perfect is a hot song
  • so is Still
  • he looks a lot like Christopher Williams




  • not a lot of ppl know who he is
Eric Roberson sitting on a couch looking hot with faded jeans.jpg
Eric Roberson with his sunglasses up to his mouth.jpg
Eric Roberson sitting down wearing a lavender blazer looking really hot.jpg