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Baby Cham

Baby Cham is hot




  • he's hot
  • he's Jamaican
  • he's young he's 36
  • he has a hot stage name
  • he dropped the "Baby" from his name 10 years ago but he will always be Baby Cham to me
  • he tells a lot of stories in his songs
  • his songs are so real
  • his eyes are fucking GORGEOUS
  • he looks like Shawn Stockman whom is also hot
  • his smile is priceless and gorgeous
  • he's fucking beautiful




  • it's been 9 years since he released an album wtf cmon Cham you're hot
Baby Cham looking gorgeous as can be.jpg
Baby Cham looking extremely seductive with his gorgeous eyes omg.jpg
Baby Cham chucking up the deuces and looking hot.jpg