Hot Guys


Rupee is gorgeous af






  • he's hot
  • he's white
  • he's young he's 39
  • he's mixed
  • his name is Rupert which is rare and exotic
  • he got his stage name from his first name
  • Tempted To Touch is a really hot song
  • he's showing mannerisms with Tempted To Touch like keeping your hands to yourself
  • he's named after an expensive currency
  • he's released 3 albums
  • he's smile is out of control
  • his eyes are a light brown hue which are GORGEOUS
  • his skin looks perfect
  • his voice is hot




  • he hasn't released an album in 11 years
Rupee and his gorgeous shy self behind a royal blue background.jpg
Rupee smiling and looking gorgeous omg.jpg
Rupee wearing a very large oversized polo shirt with a hat and a watch on.jpg