Hot Guys


Sizzla is fucking gorgeous




  • he's hot
  • he's Jamaican
  • he's young he's 39
  • he has released over 70 solo albums which has to be a record but w/e
  • his voice is so hot
  • his real name is Miguel and you all know how I feel about that name
  • his birthday is 3 days before 420
  • his facial structure is so hot and perfect
  • his eyes are huge and gorgeous
  • his stage name is hot
  • he's an actor he's in movies too




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Sizzla looking hot in a white shirt and a medallion around his neck as he stands up and salutes.jpg
Sizzla looking gorgeous in a suit and his head scarf.jpg
Sizzla looking gorgeous next to a wall mural as he wears all denim.jpg