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Shabba Ranks

Shabba Ranks is so hot





  • he's hot
  • he's Jamaican
  • he's young he's 49
  • he is one of the most popular reggae/dancehall artists ever
  • his voice is really deep and hot and different
  • Mr. Loverman is a really hot song and the video is hot too
  • Housecall is a hot song too
  • his name is Rexton which is really hot and different
  • he kinda looks like Bobby Brown and he's hot too
  • he's released 14 albums and the most recent one came out in 1999
  • in 2013 he said he was working on another album which I believe
  • he has a gold tooth just like Miguel
  • his body is ripped omg
  • his smile is really hot




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Shabba Ranks and his gorgeous hot body omg.jpg
Shabba Ranks and his hot gorgeous smile omg.jpg
Shabba Ranks modeling and looking gorgeous omg.jpg